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An American Rum with a remarkable Legacy in Sugar Cane

We are Island Getaway Rum: America's First Latina-Owned Production Distillery.


I'm often asked, "why rum in Texas".  For me, rum has always been my spirit - a time to celebrate and take a moment to disconnect from all of the obligations of our time.  Rum is the most historically significant spirit and my ancestors were instrumental in the movement of sugar cane into the New World. I come from a 2000 year old line of indigenous cultivators, explorers and pioneers of sugar cane, whose footsteps echo through the corridors of history deeply rooted in the Canary Islands. From the untamed frontiers of distant lands to the uncharted waters of the vast oceans, my ancestors carved paths where none dared to tread.  My cane roots date back to the Berber people of Northern Africa who were trading sugar cane as early as 50BC.  Over centuries they migrated to the Canary Islands becoming the indigenous Guanche kingdom.    The Berber and later the Guanche, were known matriarchal societies where women had elevated status as leaders of the people and of armies. History weaves a tale of adventure and legacy, and within its intricate tapestry lies the pivotal role my family played in the spread of sugarcane across the Caribbean, the Americas, and Mexico.

In fact, it was a woman and my ancestor, Beatriz de Bobadilla, the first female governor of the Canary Islands that may have made the biggest impact in the rum industry.  In 1493, it was she who bestowed upon Christopher Columbus the very first two cuttings of sugarcane to send to the New World. 

In 1521, my paternal ninth great-grandfather Captain Juan Navarro sailed with Hernán Cortés and took the bounty of those initial cuttings of sugar cane from Cuba to Mexico for the very first time.  In the early 1700s, my 8th maternal great grandfather Captain Jose de Urrutia would be the first General of the Presidio San Antonio de Bejar, the beginnings of Texas. 

Island Getaway Rum is the next chapter of 417 years in North America, preceeded by centuries of sugarcane trade and agriculture.  Island Getaway Rum is in its eighth year in Texas.  We are proud to produce one of a handful of American-made dark rums and some of the only no-sugar-added flavored rums in the marketplace.  I invite you to discover, explore, and enjoy our island inspired rums.

- Stephanie Martinez Houston, Founder, Island Getaway Rum

Why Island Getaway Rum?

Rum is not only the second most commonly consumed spirit in the world, but it also holds significant historical importance. With over 550 possible aromatics, this spirit captures the complexity and versatility of sugar cane, whether from cane juice, granular sugar, or molasses.


Island Getaway Rum is the next chapter of a historical legacy of rum in the Americas.

  • Island Getaway Rum is one of the few American distilleries that produce dark rum domestically.

  • Island Getaway Rum produces the only flavored rums in the marketplace with no added sugar, and at 40% ABV.

  • Island Getaway Rum is American made and priced to compete.

  • Island Getaway Rums are made using byproducts, making them environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

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The Distillery in Dripping Springs, TX

We produce our rums at our facility in Dripping Springs, TX.  In May of 2023, we closed our Tasting Room to shift our focus to production only.  It is our goal to distribute our rums worldwide. Inquire to invest.

You may pickup bottles from our Production Team M-F 10am - 4pm.

Please call to confirm a team member is on site.


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