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The Tasting Room is closed to the public as we transition to a new production space.

Purchase bottles by appointment or at your favorite store.

Why Rum in Texas?

Rum is the most historically significant spirit with its heritage dating back centuries. It's our mission to honor that legacy by distilling clean, bright rums using traditional and innovative distilling techniques. 

Rum is made by distilling any component of sugar cane.  From cane juice to granular sugar to molasses, rum captures the complexity and versatility of sugar cane.  With over 550 aromatics possible, rum is the most complex spirit in the world.  Replication lies in the hands of skilled distillers. 

Island Getaway Rum, originally HYE Rum, was founded in 2016 by Stephanie Houston and James Davidson.  After years of studying the craft and experimenting with small batches of rum, distiller James partnered with Stephanie to start what would eventually become Island Getaway Rum. They pooled their savings to lease an old farm house in a small Texas town called Hye. Together they began the painstaking process of crafting their rums fully by hand.  The pair were inspired by the untapped potential of domestic rum production in the United States and the unique flavors that could be extracted from the nearby Louisiana sugar cane.  

The Founders

Years of hard work and perseverance paid off for cofounders Stephanie Houston and James Davidson as they developed a range of exceptional rums that were a true reflection of distilling craftsmanship. The distinctive flavors and aromas are derived from the unique combination of Louisiana sourced molasses, fermented with their secret blend of yeasts, and double distilled in a copper still, capturing the rich bold flavors Island Getaway Rum is known for today.

Prior to distilling at Island Getaway Rum, James studied rums from all over the world.  He was captivated by the varying styles and the complexity of rum.  In particular, rums from Jamaica stood out to him.  He set to make bold flavorful rums with subtle complexity and has been distilling rum exclusively for over 10 years.  


For Stephanie, rum is a timeless spirit, a spirit that signifies taking a break from everything even for just a moment.  For her, the "Island Getaway" is that moment you know you are escaping your daily grind, boarding your flight or jumping in you car and heading for a few days of paradise.  Her heritage lies in the Canary Islands, what is believed to be the birthplace of sugar cane.  Records dating back to the 1400s show her descendants  were moving cane from the Canary Islands into the Caribbean.  Rum is in the blood.


Their commitment to excellence has earned them a loyal following of rum enthusiasts. Island Getaway Rum is synonymous with quality, authenticity, and sustainability. Over time, they built an extensive network of partnerships, reflecting their commitment to supporting Texas business.

Today, the founders are recognized as industry leaders and innovators, continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional rum-making techniques. Their passion for the craft has not waned, and they remain deeply involved in every aspect of the distillery's operations.

Island Getaway Rum is a woman, minority owned business dedicated to fostering business and growth opportunities in our communities.  We are inclusive.  Rum for all, All for Rum!

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