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An American Spirit.


We are Island Getaway Rum: America's First Latina-Owned Production Distillery.


Founded in 2016, by Stephanie Houston and Distiller James Davidson, our Dripping Springs based distillery is embarking on a new chapter of unprecedented growth. Stephanie’s cane roots run deep, dating back 6 centuries to the 1400s sugar cane trade routes. Her descendants moved cane from the Canary Islands through the Caribbean and Mexico and were among the first modern settlers of Texas. James, also a native Texan, has spent the last decade specializing in crafting American-made rums that pay homage to the islands while honoring the rich traditions of rum-making.


Together they began the painstaking process of crafting their molasses based rums fully by hand, inspired by the untapped potential of domestic rum production and its potential to scale. Today, Island Getaway Rum produces 5 expressions that compete directly with the major rum players in price, while providing a superior rum. Island Getaway Rum is an American made offering designed to disrupt the rum category and elevate the rum experience worldwide.


Why Island Getaway Rum?

Rum is not only the second most commonly consumed spirit in the world, but it also holds significant historical importance. With over 550 possible aromatics, this spirit captures the complexity and versatility of sugar cane, whether from cane juice, granular sugar, or molasses.


Our distillery offers six unique features:

  • Our rums produce superior cocktails with less sugar.

  • Our distillery is both woman-owned and minority-owned, a rarity in the alcohol industry. 

  • We are one of the few American distilleries that produce dark rum domestically.

  • We produce the only flavored rums in the marketplace with no added sugar, and at 40% ABV.

  • Our prices are in line with the major brands plus our product is American-made.

  • Our rums are made using byproducts, making them environmentally-friendly and more sustainable than other spirits.

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The Distillery in Dripping Springs, TX

We produce our rums at our facility in Dripping Springs, TX.  In May of 2023, we closed our Tasting Room to shift our focus to production only.  It is our goal to distribute our rums worldwide.  

You may pickup bottles from our Production Team M-F 10am - 4pm.

Please call to confirm a team member is on site.


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